Our greatest need will be water-based support, especially experienced kayakers who have their own kayak! We will work to secure kayaks for use as well. If you have a motorboat and can help with the swim perimeter, we’d be grateful to have you. All volunteers will receive a race shirt and we will have refreshments/coffee on site in the morning at our volunteer tent and refreshments for after the event.

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If there are problems with this form or you would prefer to email your preference please email us at greenleafracing@gmail.com.

What’s Expected of Me as a Volunteer?
Our volunteers are valued members of the event organizing committee, as your involvement in the event ensures that our swimmers are safe and that the event runs smoothly. We ask that you arrive at the appointed time and be familiar with your role and the event course. With the event starting at 7:45a we will have a pre-race volunteer meeting at 7:20a to finalize roles and answer questions that may not have been answered ahead of time. Most volunteers will be based in kayaks or boats on the water so we want you to be aware of swimmers and warn away any crafts that may be entering the area. We will have Hague FD, Lake George Coast Guard Aux and the Warren County Sheriff’s Department ¬†providing motorcraft support to all of our swimmers and kayakers – you are not alone! We will work in shifts where you’ll be on the water for 90 minutes and then come in for a 15 minute break before heading out for 1 more hour. Please wear clothing suitable for being on the water on a hot day with the sun coming down. Hats, lotion, shirts, sunglasses, etc.