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Because of the challenging nature of the 5k and 10k swims, we ask that you submit evidence of having completed a swim of roughly 2/3rds the distance of your chosen event (applies to 5k, 10k, 4 mile). Evidence can be submitted when you register and should include the date, venue, distance and time it took you to complete your swim. These swims should be in open water and they may happen in or out of competition. A link to a previous race result is sufficient.


Here are some open water swim venues in the region:

  • Mirror Lake, Lake Placid (1.2 mile cable course)
  • Moreau Lake State Park (Thursday night open water swims with Saratoga Triathlon Club)

The Betsy Owens Memorial Swim on August 16  includes a 2-mile cable swim and can serve as evidence for the 5k swim. It’s also managed by some of the coordinators of the Lake George Open Water Swim. You can learn more about the event here.

Swim Parka

Would you like an custom event swim parka? Let us know by emailing